What it is

A system that assigns a point value to foods and beverages.  Based on your age, height, weight, lifestyle and gender, you are given a daily allotment of points.  Stay within your daily points, lose the weight!

How it works

To find out how many points a serving of food is, you have to either scan the barcode (using the app) or enter the nutritional value by hand.  For foods that are not pre-measured, you have to weigh it on a food scale or measure it (Cup, TBSP, etc...).  Once you have the portion size, you track it on the app and it subtracts it from your daily allotment.

The app is amazing and makes the above process VERY quick and easy.   Easier than you may think, but you still have to do it.


General Observations

The absolute best thing about WW is that you really can eat and drink whatever you want. As a mom and cooking for my family, this is a huge plus because the only extra work involved is tracking the foods I buy for our family.  There is no different/special foods to buy, you eat what you cook.  Also, you can eat out at many restaurants as the app has the point values of a lot of food chain restaurants.

Tracking and measuring, however, is time consuming.   After a while I found I memorized portions and points, so the process got to be less and less time consuming. 

This is very much a longterm program that really is a lifestyle.  It is a slow and steady approach to weight loss that works.


Depending on the promos they are running, there is a fee to join (although usually it is waived) and then a monthly fee based on the program you choose.  

Plans run anywhere from $12/month to $52/month.

What you Need

A cell phone that can support the app

A digital food scale.