What it is:

Meal delivery service.  Meals are fully assembled and cooked when they arrive.

How it works:

Designed by a doctor, Bistro MD offers meals designed to taste good and aid in weight loss.


Depending on your plan and any promotions they are running, the cost is between $7.00-$8.00 per meal.  If you are on the 3 meal/day plan, the breakdown is about:

  • $23/day

  • $161/week

  • $644/month

What you Need:

An oven or a microwave.

General Observations:

Oh, the convenience!  The meals arrive in a large insulated box with dry ice...all you do is put them in the freezer until its time to heat and eat.


No grocery shopping!  No planning!  No chopping! No cooking! No dishes! No mess! No measuring! No weighing!  

Meals are dee-lish.  And filling. And oh, so easy.   You can also eat fruits and veggies in addition to the meals.  They recommend going light on the fruits, though.  2 servings, max.

The packaging is beautiful and informative.  Each meal is labeled and even tells you if it is a breakfast or lunch/dinner.  Each meal also tells you the nutritional values, in case you want to keep track. 

You also receive a flyer with your menu as well as a guide with tips, FAQs, and the how-to's of the program.